Wednesday, January 14, 2015


"Challenge the doubt, then you will grow"

These past two years, I learned a lot about myself. The PROUDEST I can say is about how I'm literally challenging myself. And, how I faced it.

Have you ever, the entire of your life was wrapped up in the most cozy? safe? place. And, at one point, changes happen and you have to choose. Force to choose, to take a choice - decision that needed you to do things that you HATE.

The rocky path promising you a good future but needed your effort. Your struggle. But still, there's a chance for another road - most easy but give you uncertain future. AND, I'm glad that I choose and take the former road - and literally enjoy it.

But, even now, the road was still challenging - challenge myself was BIG part of it. My ability. This thought me one thing - DON'T UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF. Give yourself a credit. Myself is totally opposite to myself back then two years ago. I guess me now is more better.

And, in this 2015 already coming, I still have rooms to improve - My attitude - My ambition - My mission - My desire.

So, no matter what road you had chosen before, sink it in. If it better, then good. If it's not, there's always never late to make a turn. Learned from it - because that experiences is the most expensive. You cannot buy it just anywhere to feel it.

Easy to say, Hard to do.


But if a step never taken, nothing will do. Start it, even they say if it's a baby step.
(reminder to self - noted)

*Actually me and my team had a meeting with our new boss today and of all the things he said - this phrase caught me the most.

"Challenge the doubt, then you will grow"

He also share a song that I bet everyone already listened to it.

"You  Raise Me Up" 

- for my generation this song was sang and popular  by Westlife.

A good sharing anyways - if you get the meaning of the lyrics (but depend how you look at it.) For me at least, it give really good meaning either in life or work.

So I can say this song is one of my motivational song - (updated my motivation playlist)

So, what's yours? Do you have 'that' song? Might wanna share!

Thursday, January 8, 2015



I was in 'love' with this song. First time I listened to it, I just kinda melt with it. And, like typical me -I kept replaying it again and again... and again.......again ! And, making sure that this song is at my top of the playlist.

And, after those few weeks 'appreciating' that sweet song. I decided to look up for the music video.That's even because I saw someone tweet that she was mesmerize with the video. And saying about how good - beautiful the dance was.

And me like WHAT? Dance? What even.. This like sweet song is a dance song. Like what??? So, I looked it up.

Then, here we go :
(I'm in my grinning mode right now)

Do you see that?? Do you?? Do you??

I'm still mesmerize. I'm still in awe you know. The dance tho. It was so grace. So sweet. So beautiful. Every little details make it super awesome. And Ed - do you see how can someone who never dance - dance beautifully like that. OMG! This 4minutes 56seconds - I literally was grinning like an idiot! I just love the music video. And, about the dance. It was simple but beautiful - graceful and fit well with every lyrics.

Well done ! Good job ED!

Here, behind the scene of it.

The struggle. The effort. All worth it.
Like the saying goes " No pain, No Gain "

*Bonus - This is the most adorable funny cute scene in this 5minutes. the little jumping thing at the end.

ngeeeeeee :D

By the way, what's your ear dose?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hello January!

Tonight is the first night of new year (2015) that I have a time for me to think and write something - at least.

2014 ending with a very shocking - tragedy! I would say. The place where I live - we was 'attacked' by an unexpected flood. No rain! No thunderstorm. But, suddenly, whoooossshhhh.. flood!

Even so, during that 'tested' time, I am able to reflect myself. Learned. A lot. Appreciate more. Things around me. People around me. That's what I'm grateful for.

Despite that all, good things still happen in 2014. Well, what I can remember :

Me and mom went to one of the most places I really want to go. So now in that long lists I have, I can crossed KOREA. We went there on early spring - which is April.

Look at me and mom posing :D

This was real flowers. No kidding tho. Very beautiful.

After that, in August, I took my little munchkins to Langkawi. This is our first siblings roadtrip without the parents tho. We drove about five hours and took ferry around one hour to there. Even that was a short trip (3days 2nights) - I am really happy. We were happy - cause that was my first actual  - real big spending for them after I start working. All worth it.

Me and munchkins

the view tho.

Then, for the whole last year, at work I can say I achieved the target given to me. Stressful most of the time. But, that sweet moments keep me going. Frankly - the responsibility does. HA...HA...HA...ughhhh!!!

Well, typical as human being - every year we decided to do a list of our new resolution that we want to achieve that year. So, like typical me - here mine


(I might...don;t have any resolution.................YET...............sorry)

Just let face this year more better than last year. OK? is this count?


Happy New Year Everyone!