Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hello January!

Tonight is the first night of new year (2015) that I have a time for me to think and write something - at least.

2014 ending with a very shocking - tragedy! I would say. The place where I live - we was 'attacked' by an unexpected flood. No rain! No thunderstorm. But, suddenly, whoooossshhhh.. flood!

Even so, during that 'tested' time, I am able to reflect myself. Learned. A lot. Appreciate more. Things around me. People around me. That's what I'm grateful for.

Despite that all, good things still happen in 2014. Well, what I can remember :

Me and mom went to one of the most places I really want to go. So now in that long lists I have, I can crossed KOREA. We went there on early spring - which is April.

Look at me and mom posing :D

This was real flowers. No kidding tho. Very beautiful.

After that, in August, I took my little munchkins to Langkawi. This is our first siblings roadtrip without the parents tho. We drove about five hours and took ferry around one hour to there. Even that was a short trip (3days 2nights) - I am really happy. We were happy - cause that was my first actual  - real big spending for them after I start working. All worth it.

Me and munchkins

the view tho.

Then, for the whole last year, at work I can say I achieved the target given to me. Stressful most of the time. But, that sweet moments keep me going. Frankly - the responsibility does. HA...HA...HA...ughhhh!!!

Well, typical as human being - every year we decided to do a list of our new resolution that we want to achieve that year. So, like typical me - here mine


(I might...don;t have any resolution.................YET...............sorry)

Just let face this year more better than last year. OK? is this count?


Happy New Year Everyone!

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