Thursday, January 8, 2015



I was in 'love' with this song. First time I listened to it, I just kinda melt with it. And, like typical me -I kept replaying it again and again... and again.......again ! And, making sure that this song is at my top of the playlist.

And, after those few weeks 'appreciating' that sweet song. I decided to look up for the music video.That's even because I saw someone tweet that she was mesmerize with the video. And saying about how good - beautiful the dance was.

And me like WHAT? Dance? What even.. This like sweet song is a dance song. Like what??? So, I looked it up.

Then, here we go :
(I'm in my grinning mode right now)

Do you see that?? Do you?? Do you??

I'm still mesmerize. I'm still in awe you know. The dance tho. It was so grace. So sweet. So beautiful. Every little details make it super awesome. And Ed - do you see how can someone who never dance - dance beautifully like that. OMG! This 4minutes 56seconds - I literally was grinning like an idiot! I just love the music video. And, about the dance. It was simple but beautiful - graceful and fit well with every lyrics.

Well done ! Good job ED!

Here, behind the scene of it.

The struggle. The effort. All worth it.
Like the saying goes " No pain, No Gain "

*Bonus - This is the most adorable funny cute scene in this 5minutes. the little jumping thing at the end.

ngeeeeeee :D

By the way, what's your ear dose?

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